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It must be a day ending in a Y because some technocratic centre-left dullards are belling about “British values” again.

Leak reveals Labour plan to focus on flag and patriotism to win back voters — the Guardian

“MAN WITH FLAGPOLE IMPALED IN SKULL LEADS LABOUR PARTY TO LANDSLIDE VICTORY” scream the headlines in 2024. Say what you like about Phineas Gage, he was at least a good…

First let me set the scene. I (living in a safe Labour seat with a left wing MP) volunteered my time in a marginal where the two biggest things affecting Labour’s chances were probably a) antisemitism or the portrayal thereof and b) dodgy Lib Dem bar charts.

Thursday 12th December…

Chapter 1
There’s a place I went to, once, where nothing much grows. It’s a rocky, barren place, riddled with caves and sandy plains. Nothing grows on the plains obviously, but in the caves — the only place where you’ll find water — that’s where the bugs live. How to describe…

London is a shitting police horse, a vomiting tourist, a wealthy drunkard wetting himself in a Savile Row suit.

I can’t promise you that any of the following is argued in good faith.

Thesis: not everyone melts the same way
The Overton Window — that puckered ringpiece at the centre of the political compass — is fiercely contested ground, both online and off. …


im tonty blair

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